Ooni of Ife.

Just in, Ooni needs Big Brother show Replaced!

The Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Ojaja II, on Wednesday praised the International Youth  Day with some Nigerian young people in his castle at Ile Ife, Osun.

Ooni Ogunwusi, who played host to scores of Nigerian young people from all pieces of the nation under the aegis of the National Youth Council of Nigeria in Ile-Ife, proposed a trade for Big Brother 9ja.

In addition to other things, the Ooni reprimanded the conspicuous Big Brother 9ja reality show,  which he said has been distorting the decency and honesty of the Nigerian adolescents.

The ruler depicted the young people as the nation’s undiscovered incomprehensible riches and assets.

The imperial dad, who focused on the requirement for interest of more adolescents in authority, bemoaned that the young people have lost their needs and should change it as an issue of critical open significance.

“Nigerian young people are found of blaming and mishandling our pioneers, quit manhandling them contribute your own portion. How about we wear our reasoning tops and start to act like the genuine future pioneers that we are.

“In the last broad political race, the absolute number of vote cast was around 27 million while more than 170 million individuals casted a ballot during the 2019 Big Brother 9ija unscripted TV drama.

“This is a down to earth truth of who Nigerian young people are and where our needs lies as Nigerians.

“The entertaining side in these is that we despite everything hit the hay, have a decent rest and wake up with the want to meet a Nigeria we didn’t make. Nigerians Youths! Nigerians Youths!! Nigerians Youths!!!

“Tragically, every time I talk about this sort of demeanor, everybody simply giggle and proceeds onward. What sort of country would we say we are building?

“At the point when individuals state this nation, or what sort of nation is this, they are in a roundabout way saying these individuals – the individuals make a nation; so what sort of Nigerian adolescents are we?” Ooni inquired.

Talking further, the ruler offered a proposal for an unscripted TV drama, which will extend the nation’s qualities, societies and conventions.

He encouraged pioneers of the National Youth Council of Nigeria to work out plans on the show, which will be designated, “The Big Nigeria Reality Show”.

“The proposed show will be organized such that youthful experts, capable people and others over a few field of try will be displayed and assisted with arriving at their pinnacle.

“This would support the members and furthermore help watchers to approach individuals that can be viewed as good examples,” Ooni included.

Prior in his location, the Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Mr. Sunday Dare, who was spoken to by Dr. Mariam Abdullahi, a Director in the Minister, clarified that the young people have significant tasks to carry out in the nation’s turn of events.

As indicated by him, the advanced proficiency and aptitudes procurement, business enterprise, employability and authority activity of the Ministry are progressing and all outfitted towards the improvement of our adolescents.

“As government, we will continue guaranteeing that we prepare our young people towards flourishing,” the clergyman guaranteed.

Speaking to Governor Gboyega Oyetola of Osun at the occasion, the state’s Commissioner for Youths and Sports, Mr. Yemi Lawal, clarified that the young people have a long way to go from the seniors towards arriving at their objectives.

“As much as we young people are significant, left us alone humble enough to gain from our older folks since they were once similar to us. Quietude, constancy and persistence is the key and we should be upstanding in our dealings,” he said.

In his location, the President of the National Youth Council of Nigeria, Mr. Sara-Igbe Sukubo, expressed gratitude toward the Ooni for what he depicted as an incomprehensible warm gathering for the young people.

“Your Imperial Youthfulness as you have advised us, we are without a doubt cheerful and glad to have you as a dad and guide.

“We have heard your thoughtful useful tidbits and I need to guarantee you in the interest of the overflowing Nigerian young people that we will place them energetically.

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