The Ogun State Police Order has affirmed the capture of a suspect , Adewunmi Lawal , who purportedly assaulted his neighbor ‘ s little girl in the Itele, Ado – Odo/Ota Nearby Government Territory of Ogun State .

It was reported that the casualty ‘s mother , a widow , left the person in question and her three kin at home and went to Badagry , Lagos State , for petitions .

Two days after she ventured out from home , Adewunmi supposedly broke into her home in the night and purportedly had sexual relations with of her 16 – year – old little girl .

Subsequent to executing the wrongdoing , the suspect purportedly sought total isolation from where he spoke to the casualty ‘s mother for settlement .

The state Police Advertising Official , Abimbola Oyeyemi, had said the order had proclaimed Adewunmi needed, including that the case had been moved to the State Criminal Examination and Knowledge Office for additional examination .

In any case, in a follow – up response , Abimbola affirmed that the suspect had been captured and would be charged for the wrongdoing .

He said , ” He was captured two days prior . He was located some place in Lagos since he was searching for approaches to convince the guardians of the young lady and in the process , he went to the workplace of a non-administrative association in Lagos ; he needed the NGO to welcome the casualty ‘s mother for them to settle.

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