33-year-elderly person living in Hong Kong had Covid-19 twice this year, as per fundamental examination.

He had indications that he has the virus, however no conspicuous side effects the subsequent time, the group at the College of Hong Kong announced Monday.

The pre-print study – which the College of Hong Kong said has been acknowledged for distribution in the diary Clinical Irresistible Infections – found that the man’s second instance of Covid-19 happened 142 days after the first.

During his first scene of sickness, the patient had a hack, sore throat, fever and cerebral pain for three days, as per the investigation. He tried positive for Covid-19.

At that point during his subsequent sickness, the patient was coming back to Hong Kong after going to Spain and he tested positive during his entrance screening at the Hong Kong air terminal on August 15, the analysts said. The man was hospitalized again yet stayed asymptomatic.

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