38 years old man defile daughter by using scissors to cut her genitals (photos)

In Ikot Ofon Ikono, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State Nigeria, Diminish Sunday Etim 38 years, defiled his little girl since she was 1 year till she is 4, at that point he used scissors to cut up her Vagina for easy entry.

In a phone call with the young girl’s mother, Emem Diminish Etim, mother of 3, she confessed that her husband began fingering the girl Ubokobong Subside Sunday since she was one year old, she had told him to stop yet he never stop until a week ago when he used scissors to cut up her VAGINA for easy entry and she couldn’t bear it any longer and needed to report to the police.

On why she stayed silent from the first day, Emem said she hoped that he would change but cutting her VAGINA became too much for her to bear.

On what clinical treatment the infant has gotten, Emem said she has not gotten any on the grounds that she can’t afford the cost of it however just uses hot water and make her to sit on it.

At present in the police authority, we hope it will not go the way other rape cases have gone.

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