The federal Government has at long last confirm the full reopening of schools in the nation after more than five months of a mandatory lockdown caused by the Covid pandemic.

It is valuable to review that following the episode of the novel Covid, the National Government had coordinated all state governments and school administrators to close down in a measure which was outfitted towards controling the spread of the virus.

Talking on Thursday, the leader of the Presidential Taskforce on Coronavirus, Dr Sani Aliyu, during a preparation at the Nnamdi Azikwe Global Air terminal, Abuja, said the team has mooted a staged return of the exercises.

He stated, “For education sections which includes childcare, primary, secondary and tertiary establishments. Daycare education should start the preparation towards resuming inside this stage.

Aliyu additionally said that the legislature suggests an intensive danger evaluation over all states to guarantee strict adherence with all suggested Coronavirus preventive conventions.

“Then, all childcares and instructive foundations are to stay shut to in-classes until this degree of danger is surveyed. Furthermore, if there will be opening of schools, it must be in phases.

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