Frankly speaking, a Ghanaian lady who appears voluptuous – a lady with good looking shapes in breast and buttocks/hips – has become more beneficial and influential than First Class Religion major graduate from UCC – pun intended.

It’s just sad, but that is the reality. These days, ladies with good shapes can afford anything they need with less or no stress – don’t forget Tracey Boakye and MzBel’s “Papa No” saga??

Singer Nina Ricchie from the size of her boobs and the marks under it, one doesn’t need a professor to tell him or her that Nina has done some implants on her breast.

Besides, a critical assessment of her breast shows that the surgeon did a lot of disservice to Nina Ricchie. And from all indications, Nina’s breast might suffer a lot of complications in the near future or not.

Enough, take a closer look at the marks beneath Nina Ricchie’s breast and tell us your opinion.

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