“Laycon I’m Very Sorry, I Didn’t Know You’ll Win Big Brother – Lady Who Ignored Laycon’s DM Cries Out (video)

Achievement draws in notoriety, acknowledgment, regards and compromise even from individuals you barely realize they can converse with you in any case due to how high they may have set themselves. Throughout everyday life, endeavor to prevail in what you do and never look down on people.

It is no news that Big Brother Lockdown season finished last Sunday and Laycon was proclaimed the victor of the #85M thousand prize. Exactly when we thought we’ve seen everything, there goes a video of a woman who evidently overlooked Laycon’s messages on her DM, crying and requesting that people should assist her with asking Laycon to pardon her and take her back as she didn’t realize he was going for Big Brother not to mention winning the cash. She included that she actually adores him and keeping in mind that crying abundantly on the video, she continued requesting Laycon’s pardoning.

Its not as long as 48 hours yet Laycon was announced the victor and we’ve just begun seeing this. A few young ladies should quiet down gracious, you can’t hope to harvest where you contributed nothing for its prosperity. Somebody will look for your attention and however you won’t give him any but when things starts getting better for him, you return and start looking for consideration. Anyway, it’s left for Laycon to settle on her case if genuinely he even knows her.

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