Donald Trump is now the favourite to win the US election as results roll in across America on the most unpredictable election night in American history.

In what could be a bigger shock than Mr Trump’s sensational victory in 2016, the president is edging to victory after winning the key swing states of Florida and Ohio. But important states like Arizona, North Carolina and Georgia are still to be called – and counters in the vital swing state of Pennsylvania have gone home for the night, meaning the full result may not be known for hours.

Joe Biden has addressed supporters, telling them “it ain’t over until every vote is counted”, while Mr Trump accused the Democrats of “trying to steal the election” in a tweet almost immediately labelled as “misleading” by Twitter.

We have live coverage across the US with our team of reporters inside the Trump and Biden campaigns and on the ground in key states such as Florida, Pennsylvania, California, Arizona and Texas. 

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