Democrat Joe Biden inched nearer to victory on Thursday over Donald Trump in an exceedingly close U.S. election that hinged on razor-thin margins in a handful of states, while the Republican president launched a flurry of lawsuits hoping to slow down his opponent.
Tensions rose in some places as the ballot counting dragged on two days after polls closed, with a second day of sometimes dueling street demonstrations over the integrity of the election.
Biden, the former U.S. vice president, was continuing to cut into Trump’s leads in Pennsylvania and Georgia while holding on to slim margins in Nevada and Arizona.
Trump, who during the long and rancorous campaign attacked the integrity of the U.S. voting system, has again alleged voting fraud without providing evidence, filed lawsuits and called for at least one state recount.
The latest move by Trump’s campaign was a lawsuit to be announced later alleging voting fraud in Nevada, another of the crucial states where he narrowly trails Biden.

Who do you think will win this election?

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