The very first thing is to Avoid Excessive Drinking Of Alcohol

Recently Some researchers have discovered a connection between the H. pylori bacteria that most often causes anulcer and excessive alcoholconsumption. This theory is that alcoholin large quantities irritates the stomach lining, causing a condition called gastritis.

Regardless of the details, one fact remains: Alcohol abuse can contribute to a painful sore in the stomach. Whether or not drinking is causing a person’s ulcer, science has concluded that drinking doesn’t help an ulcer heal. In fact, drinking when one has an ulcer can actually make the condition worse.

Avoid Too Much Smoking Of Tobacco And Cigarette

Excessive Tobacco smoking is a well known risk factor for uncomplicated peptic ulcer. 15-17 Smokers have an increased risk for dying from pepticulcerdisease4 and increased death rates from smoking-related disorders have been reported in patients with ulcerbleeding.

Moreover, Excessive Smoking increases the risk of ulcers and may hinder the drugs you’re taking to heal your ulcer.

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