Drama as man wakes up in mortuary in pain when morgue worker cut open his leg while preparing to embalm him after he was declared dead?

A man in Kenya who was allegedly declared dead by doctors came back to life three hours later while workers at a morgue were preparing to embalm him.

32-year-old Peter Kigen was presumed dead on Tuesday, November 24, after he collapsed at home and was rushed to Kapkatet hospital in Kericho county, according to local media.

After being transferred to the morgue, Mr. Kigen shocked the staff as he suddenly woke up and wailed in pain as they made an incision on his right leg.

Kigen, a resident of Kibwastuiyo village in Bureti Constituency, who reportedly suffers from a chronic illness, is said to have collapsed while at home before his family took him to hospital

His younger brother told Standard newspaper that a nurse had told him the patient had died before they arrived at the casualty department.

“When I went back to the casualty department at around 7.45 pm, I learnt my brother was dead. A nurse told me that he died long before we arrived at the hospital,” Kipkurui said.

He added: “The nurse later handed me a document to take to the mortuary attendant before my brother’s body was moved to the morgue.”

While at the morgue, one of the workers was said to have made an incision on the man’s right leg to infuse formalin as part of the process of preserving the body.

It was then Mr. Kigen suddenly regained consciousness and reportedly began to wail in pain, leaving the staff shocked with some running for their safety as they thought the dead man had ‘resurrected.’

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