The refusal of President Muhammadu Buhari to re­place the service chiefs de­spite repeated calls by the National Assembly and oth­er eminent Nigerians will be the major point of dis­cussion when the president meets with the House of Representatives on Thurs­day.

The lawmakers said they are ready to confront the president over the continued stay of the service chiefs, who they said lacked ideas on how to tackle the rising insecurity in the country.

The lawmakers, who were disturbed by the worsening insecurity in the country, last week, summoned President Buhari over the murder of about 43 farmers by Boko Ha­ram terrorists in Zabarmari village, Jere Council of Borno State.

The president later met with the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, and agreed to honour a summons by the parliament to brief members on what his administration is doing to address the deterio­rating insecurity and other challenges facing the country.

Speaking with Daily In­dependent on Sunday, one of the lawmakers from the South-Eastern part of the country, who is a member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), said they will be direct and will mince no words with the president over his refusal to listen to their demands on the continued stay of the ser­vice chiefs.

According to him, ignoring their calls for the removal of the service chiefs is akin to the president refusing to accede to the demands of over 200 million Nigerians, since they are the representatives of the people.

“Yes, we are looking for­ward to the meeting. Like you read, the president has agreed to the summons. We appreciate him for that. But mind you, we are not going to mince words on the issue of insecurity in the country, especially as regards the cur­rent service chiefs. We want to know why the president has chosen to ignore our calls for their removal long ago.

“If you recall, as far back as 2018 during the highpoint of the Benue massacre and killings in Southern Kaduna, we, the representatives of the people, called on the president to sack the service chiefs but he did nothing about it.

“Aside that, the leadership of the National Assembly, led by the Senate President and Speaker of the House also met privately with him and implored him to replace the service chiefs with new peo­ple who will bring fresh ideas and vigour into winning the war but he also did not listen to their plea.

“We want to know why the service chiefs think they are the best people for the job. We have heard rumours that he wants them to work with him till May 2023 because he trusts them. But we don’t want to be­lieve that. If that is the case, he will explain to us during the meeting”.

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