Babajide Reacts As FG Contemplates Another Lockdown~

Babajide Kolade Otitoju a veteran journalist, while speaking on the popular program “Journalist Hangout” on TVC news, reacts as Federal government contemplate another lockdown amidst increase in COVID-19 cases across the country.

Babajide while speaking said “ I think Nigerians will resist another lockdown considering the economic situation in the country. Then we have to remind ourselves about what happened during the EndSARS protest that led to looting of the warehouses, where COVID-19 palliatives were being kept.

The government is not trusted by the people, because many were surprised seeing that large quantity of food item inside a warehouse. Assuming all these foods were distributed during the lockdown, then there will be no need to resist any further government instructions on lockdown.

In fact, some political office holders said they wanted to resize the bag and distribute it, for me what are you resizing for so long that you couldn’t distribute to people who have no means of survival any longer, considering they are being lockdown.

I think the Government should not think about locking down the country, because people will resist it, and even a lot of the citizens will prefer to die of illness rather than die of hunger.

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