I was abducted in church, sold to Fulani kidnappers – NIS spokesperson

THE Public Relations Officer of the Nigerian Immigration Service, Edo State Command, Bridget Esene, has said that she was meant to be killed but her abductors sold her to suspected Fulani herdsmen.

Esene, who was released by her abductors on Tuesday, said she suffered at the hands of the kidnappers.

Speaking on Wednesday through the telephone, she said, “The armed men numbering five trailed me to my church at Ikhueniro near Benin City where I was kidnapped.

“I was forced into their car and driven out of the church premises by my abductors who later sold me to another set of kidnappers, who are suspected herdsmen. I saw hell and l don’t wish my enemy such.”

She said upon sighting the kidnappers, she had attempted to escape but was intercepted at gunpoint by the hoodlums.

Esene stated that the armed men later took her into the forest and some other hardened kidnappers were on the ground to receive her.

She added, “I was later sold to another set of gunmen who then took me deep into the forest.”

Mrs Esene said she was later rescued by the police and the vigilante.


The cause of the fire is still unknown.

Sunday Igboho’s house in Ibadan is on fire. And allegations are on the streets that the Fulanis are behind the act, as a repraisal attack.(unconfirmed)

Chief Sunday Adeyemo Igboho’s Old House is allegedly set on Fire by Fulani (Unconfirmed) at Soka… area in Ibadan, Oyo State.
Eye Witnesses said the house was set on fire some minutes after electricity was switched off around the whole area.

This medium learnt that he was living the house, till he moved to a new house he built still in Ibadan.
It will be recalled that, several houses belonging to the Seriki Fulani of Oyo State, Alhaji Saliu Abdulkadir, were allegedly set on fire by aggrieved youths in Igangan community of Ibarapa zone of Oyo State, on Friday night after the visit of Sunday Adeyemo (aka Sunday Igboho) to enforce his seven-day quit notice to the Fulani herdsmen in the area.


COVID-19 vaccine to be rolled out from March – FG

Minister of Health, Osagie Ehanire made this known on Monday at the Presidential Task Force (PTF) briefing in

He said the quantity ordered from AVATT of the Africa Union Commission will depend on the country’s capacity to dispense them to avoid wastage.

The minister disclosed that Nigeria is exploring all options to ensure the vaccination of 70 percent of Nigerians by

“We are negotiating with many parties and planning for flawless execution using recent experience from polio eradication in the face of a global scramble for vaccines,” Ehanire said.

He noted that apart from the 100,000 doses allocated as the first wave to Nigeria by the COVAX facility, the government also placed orders for 10 million doses through the AVATT.

“Nigeria has an indigenous vaccine candidate which will require considerable investment to get through trials. We shall seek sponsorship to take the initiative further”, Ehanire added.

Abia State Government, Friday said that almost 200,000 pregnant women and children across Abia communities are to benefit from integrated health services under another round of Maternal, Newborn and Child Health week.

The wife of the state governor, Nkechi Ikpeazu stated this in Umuahia while flagging off the Maternal Newborn and Child Health Week, adding that it “is a regular feature in our efforts to drive down the number of mortalities and illnesses amongst mothers and children.

She said the occasion was designed to deliver a weeklong integrated package of highly cost-effective, yet result-oriented, preventive and curative services” and “will feature integrated health services for communities”.


Why I left banking for bricklaying — Muibi

Kehinde Muibi, 28, is the founder of a construction company, Destiny Crest Limited. He tells TOLUWALOPE KAREEM how he started working as a bricklayer, his entrepreneurship journey and his vision for the real estate industry

What are your educational qualifications?

I have a National Diploma in Mathematics and Statistics. I also have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and a Master’s degree in Project Management. I have also taken online courses in Project Management Science. Having degrees in different fields makes me fulfilled.

What motivated you to start a construction company, considering the intricacies of the real estate business in Nigeria?

I was motivated by the passion I had for it. After my secondary school education, I realised I had a passion for bricklaying and site construction. So, I went to a man who wanted to build a shopping complex at the time and told him I would work on the project and all he had to do was feed me. However, we agreed on a daily pay of N200. We went on to complete the project in five months. Although it was not the best construction job, it was a stepping stone and a wonderful experience for me.

From there, I moved to a company that sold building materials and I spent six months there since higher institutions were on strike at the time. During that period, I had conversations with engineers, developers, builders and other professionals in the industry. My relationship with them and the lessons I got from our conversations stirred my interest in starting a construction company. I started the construction business four years ago but my company was incorporated in 2018.

What were some of the factors that shaped you into who you are?

I lost my father shortly after I got admitted into the higher institution. I then became the breadwinner of the family. I became a construction worker because things got so tough in the family and we could hardly feed. By doing menial jobs, I was able to fund my education in the polytechnic. While in school, week days were for studying, while at weekends, I worked as a bricklayer and mathematics tutor.

After I got my National Diploma, I worked with a bank on contract basis. After working with the bank for a year, I wrote an examination and transitioned to a full-time employee. I spent six years at the bank but it wasn’t my dream, so I started developing a business plan for my construction company right from there.

How were you able to secure your first contract?

The first contract I got was through a friend. The job was to design a building plan. When I delivered the job, it was beyond the expectations of the client. Because of how good the job was, the client offered me the complete building project to manage. In a short time, the building was also ready. The client was very impressed with the work and he actually gave me additional payment. It was an eye-opener for me. I was amazed that I could make so much money so easily. That then resuscitated my interest in the construction industry.

How were you able to convince big brands to become your clients?

I believe that results don’t lie. After working on the Sugarland Estate project in 2018, my confidence and creativity improved. Since then, I have worked on several other exceptional projects. We are particular about what we deliver to our clients. Even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, renowned companies in Abuja have offered us jobs, choosing us over older construction companies.

How have you been able to raise funds, which is required to run a successful construction company?

I believe in possibilities and that belief system has made me the entrepreneur I am today. I have maintained good relationships with my clients, and in return, they have connected me to so many investors and financial institutions. We don’t underestimate any project or client, irrespective of how insignificant it appears. We always take on contracts with the mindset of delivering excellent results. Despite the continuous increase in the prices of building materials, we always deliver. That often affects our project margin but integrity and trust are more important to us than profit.

What is the biggest risk you have ever taken in the course of running your business?

I believe everyone would, at one point or the other, have to take their fair share of risks that could either make or break them. For me, starting a company was a risk on its own. Every project also comes with risks because they have to be completed despite whatever challenges we may encounter. In some instances, I had to complete some projects with my money.

How do you keep abreast of global trends in design?

New designs emerge daily and to catch up with the trends, I visit different blogs and international platforms. However, the location of a building mostly determines the design one would employ, rather than global trends.

What sets your company apart from the competition?

We are not a regular construction company. We take the welfare of our employees very importantly. That was why I devised a ‘work-shift’ method for our engineers and other workers. They are humans, and no matter how strong they may claim to be, they should not be treated like machines.

We plan to take the construction industry to another level by creating a foundation for our workers. The foundation would cater to their needs and that of their families— provide them with food when they are working, and protect the interest of their families (through insurance) against accidents that may occur on the job.

What is your staff strength?

The business has provided employment opportunities for engineers and construction workers. Right now, we have eight engineers, four administrative staff and over 200 site workers in our employ.

What do you do for fun?

I like going to the beach alone. I also read books and watch comedy skits because they relax me. I am a fan of Pastor Sam Adeyemi and motivational speakers such as Fela Durotoye and the late Ubong King.

Have you ever engaged in any philanthropic act?

Presently, there are nine students on fully-funded academic scholarships, which I bankroll, and I have pledged to train them to the university level.

What were the criteria used to choose the beneficiaries of the scholarships?

I look out for struggling families and help them to carry the educational burden of their children. I have gone through hard times, so it is easy for me to identify with people that need help. I also pay house rent for people who cannot afford it.

How does your academic background help in the business you do now?

I still apply the things I learnt in school, as well as my banking experience. I apply relevant ideas to my business and that is one of the things that have been helping me.

What advice do you have for youths as regards entrepreneurship?

Be ready to face the mountains before you; be on the lookout for new things; and let challenges move you to success, rather than deter you.


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APC begins membership registration Monday

The membership registration, update and revalidation of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) begins on Monday with the constitution of the State Registration Committees (SRCs).

The National Membership Registration Schedule/timetable the party released for the exercise showed that the seven-man committee per state will be inaugurated on Wednesday (January 27) while the train-the-trainers workshop is billed for same date at the national secretariat of the party in Abuja.

Distribution of registration materials, electronic gadgets and consumables to all designated registration centres nationwide will be carried out between Thursday, January 28 and Monday, February 1.

The timetable shows that the registration proper is billed for Tuesday, February 2 to February 16, 2021, while sorted registered details at ward registration centres will be forwarded to local government areas and the state secretariat on February 17, 2021.

The Phase II of the nationwide membership registration, update and revalidation is slated for February 21 to 26 for Consideration of all appeals/complaints.

Display of membership register at all party wards/local government offices and forwarding of all completed forms to the National Secretariat will be carried out between 27th February and March 1, 2021


Nollywood actress Etinosa Idemudia has said the happiest day of her life was when she had her daughter Ofure Christabel, Igbere TV reports.

Revealing this, the Warri born actress shared a picture of herself in a wedding dress on Instagram on Saturday.

“Whoever said a woman’s wedding day is the happiest day of her life has obviously never experienced a successful child birth.

“The day I held my daughter and looked into her tiny innocent searching eyes was the happiest day of my life,” she wrote.


Etinosa welcomed her daughter on December 26, 2020.


It is easier to get into debt than to get out of it. Most times, you incur a loan in a matter of minutes while it could take months or years to pay it off. With the increase in online loaning apps, falling into the trap of taking loans is now very easy and at the comfort of your home without even visiting any office or filling any form.

When you incur debts, it is like you are stealing from your future especially when they are incurred on consumable expenses. Getting out of debt is one of the best feelings on earth, in fact, that breath of relieve is worth more than gold.

The stress of taking calls from your creditors and explaining why you haven’t paid your debts is not healthy. Like waking up to emails and reminders about loan repayments. I have seen people who died while thinking about the huge debts they incurred, some even commit suicide. Some people have to run away from home so that their creditors won’t find them. I am sure this is not the type of life you want to live in the year 2021.

There are many ways to get out of debt without stress, this article has some tips to help you pay off your debt faster:

1. Stop incurring more debts

The first step to getting out of debt is to stop accumulating more debts, else it will be harder to come out. Like the popular proverb “when you are at the bottom, stop digging”. Avoid taking loans from your family, friends, banks and other financial institutions. This step will not cut your loans but will help in the process of getting out debt so you don’t accumulate more.

Furthermore, avoid taking loans to pay off another loan. If you do, you aren’t paying off the loan, you are just running round the circle. For instance, Mr A took a loan of $200 from XYZ limited to repay in five months, he couldn’t pay off the debt as at when due, so he took another loan from Mr B to payoff the loan. He may think he has paid the debt, but he is still swimming in it because he still owes Mr B. Getting out of debt is becoming totally free from it.

2. Organize your debts

You can do this by calculating how much loans you have, then arrange them according to priority so you will know the ones to pay off first. You will need to list the amount you owe, the interest payable, and the monthly least payment on each loan. Debt-repayment plan is easier to develop when you have all this information available.

3. Increase your monthly payments

If you can pay more than the monthly minimum on your debts, then you will get out of it faster. Let’s say you have a debt where you are to pay $100 monthly for the next six months to complete the repayment, you can increase the monthly payment to $150 to help pay the debts faster. Now you will have four months to payoff instead of six months. Interests can exponentially increase the timeline you have for paying off your loans. To get out of debts faster, try to increase your monthly payments.

4. Build an emergency fund

Having an emergency fund is necessary when trying to get out of debt, it stops you from incurring more debts when life happens. It is advisable to have an emergency fund that can take care of your needs for at least six months for unforseen incidents. Unexpected or unplanned expenses might be the reason you are in debt; an emergency fund will take care of such expenses till you get back to your feet so you do not borrow.

5. Have multiple sources of income

Building multiple streams of income is important if you want to get out of debt and avoid living paycheck to paycheck. Some people have only one stream of income which is usually their salary. An extra source of income will help you settle your debts faster. Extra source of income could involve starting a side hustle, getting a part-time job, or selling products online, then you use the extra money you earn to pay off your debts.

6. Change debt-enabling habits

To effectively manage your finance, you will need to cut down on your expenses to the least. The fact is, many people spend more than their monthly earnings. Once you keep an eye on your spending habits, you will be able to cut off the excesses to enable you live economically. 

You can do this by replacing paying for DSTV with GOTV, cooking at home and not eating out, and cut the amount you spend on data. Just try to live below your means for as long as possible until you pay off your debts.

7. Live within a budget

Budget is like telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went. One of the main reasons most people run into debts is because they do not know how to control their expenses. To become debt-free, you need to take charge of your personal finance and budgeting is the best way to do this. Create a budget then stick to it and cut off the excesses in your expenses. Don’t buy things you didn’t budget for no matter the discount.


Getting out of debt is a serious task but by being disciplined and practising the tips stated above, you will do it in no time! Remember, when you finish paying your debts, avoid those habits that made you incur them.


Accuses security agents of complicity

The Arewa Consultative Forum, ACF, has criticised the attack on a Fulani community in the southwest, insisting that such an act was a social upheaval that may destabilize the country.

ACF also alleged that security agents did nothing when the attack was carried out.

Emmanuel Yawe, National Publicity Secretary, Arewa Consultative Forum, in a statement on Saturday entitled “STOP THE DRIFT IN THE SOUTHWEST”, recalled that the civil war in the 1960’s started with attacks and counter-attacks like the Oyo attack on Fulani.

He stated that “this morning, we received reports of an attack by Yoruba Youths on Alhaji Saliu Abdulkadir, the Serki Fulani in Oyo State.
In the reports, he was attacked and driven out of his house, eleven cars and his house burnt with his family members now living in the bush.”

“There are allegations that one Sunday Igboho an agitator for the Oodua Republic and who issued an ultimatum giving Fulani people seven days to leave Yorubaland is the instigator of the attack.”

“The most disturbing aspect of the attack is the allegation that the security agents who were earlier warned about its imminence stood by helplessly as the attack was carried out.”

“The ACF is worried about this trend and calls on the Federal and State Governments in the South West to move quickly to avert a social upheaval that may destabilize the whole country.

“We recall that the civil war in the 60’s started with attacks and counter-attacks like this.”

“The governments must be proactive and stop history from repeating itself. Those who carried out these attacks must be apprehended and the due process of the law allowed to take its course.”

“If this is not done there maybe counter attacks in the north and the country will be up in flames. The authorities must act. The ACF is very worried and calls on them to act fast.”


How Fulani Man Shot At Me, Another Brought Out An Axe At Their Leader’s House – Sunday Igboho

An agitator for Oodua Republic, Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho, has said he is not vying for any political position but trying to protect his fatherland from invaders.

Igboho had earlier given an ultimatum to herders to vacate Ibarapa area in Oyo State within seven days and also called on President Muhammadu Buhari to take Fulani herders out of Yorubaland.

The Oyo State Government has, however, commenced an investigation into Igboho’s threat.

Replying to critics, Igboho said, “They said I’m not in government and that I’m interfering in what does not concern me but I have intervened in what concerns me because I am a Yoruba son.”

Igboho alleged that since the government has refused to protect its people, it is the duty of citizens to rise up to it.

He said the killing of the Yoruba people on their soil was what made him take up the challenge, in a video interview with BBC Yoruba.

“It’s not like I commanded the Fulani to leave our land or that I suddenly said something arbitrarily. For like two weeks now, these Fulani people in Ibarapa have been killing our people. Look at this Doctor Fatai, who went abroad for many years to work; he made his money, came back to his father’s village in Igangan, built farms and employed people to work with him. Fulani people ruined the farm for him, he approached the Seriki of the Fulani that this ought not to be, and they tied him and butchered him.

“There are many others like that; the Fulani people killed and kidnapped some. The least they accept as ransom is N7 million, N10 million, N11 million on our soil. This really hurts me and I said if I should keep quiet because it has not got to me or because I have those who are guarding me, how about people who do not have any form of protection?

“That was why I went there to ask the Seriki if this thing his men are doing is good. They have been living with us on our soil for years and we accommodate them. I was talking to the Seriki and one of his men pointed a gun at me. I collected the gun. Another one brought out an axe, we collected it. Another one brought out another gun and shot at me. I told them I was not there to fight but to tell them that if they would not find a lasting solution to the problem of kidnapping and killing, they should leave our land.”

Igboho said he is not fighting a war but only asking the Fulani to leave.

“This is not a religious war, what’s my business with Islam or Christianity, I am after the peace of Yoruba people,” he said.

Igboho said he was being threatened but was confident that if he should die, it would be for a just cause as he was fighting for his rights on his fatherland.

He also stated that the monarchs in Yorubaland were solidly behind him.

“For days now, they have said they want to arrest me, they are sending messages that they will come for me but I am not scared because all the kings are happy with the move. They called me that they want the Fulani to go, they are only scared to talk so they don’t get dethroned.

“When people were being kidnapped in Igangan, the king refused to talk. The herdsmen kidnapped the king’s child and demanded a ransom of N4 million. A time will come when these Fulani people will kidnap the king himself and ask all the villagers to pay a ransom.”


1. Production of sheets and sheets

Sheets are needed in every homes. You can get a factory where they sell unpacakaged materials and invest into it. Starting with as little as 20k will yield alot of products..

2. E- Payment and POS

Nowadays, most youths are going into this business. Getting a good location where banks are not readily available to people will be of advantage. You can get a POS from any bank and start this business.

3. Popcorn Machine

Popcorn are regular snacks for everybody. The ingredients needed to make this are not expensive. It can be made locally without using the machine.

4. Sales of Men’s Clothing

Men’s clothes are very hard to find around. You can get a very good shop in an area where this is not readily available. There are lots of places to get this clothes at a cheaper rate in wholesales. You can then sell to to your customers to get profits.

5. Sale of Fairly Used Products

These products includes clothes, shoes, bags and even spare parts. You can invest with 20k and buy these products from places like Cotonou and Badagry and sell at an affordable price.

6. T-shirt production

T-shirt are very common among guys. These days girls now wear T-shirts too. They are very cheap in places like Lagos, Badagry and Kano.

7. Coking and Home Services

You can become a chef in your own homes. You just have to advertise the type of food to the public using different means like social media. Due to work and others, most people do not have time to cook but request for home deliveries. This is an easy way to earn money.

8. Tutoring Classes

Teaching is a very lucrative business. You can decide to gather some set of kids after school and educate them more on what they were taught in school. Many families will want their kids to have good grades in school and will try their possible best to achieve that.

9. Home Service Hair Dressing

This is also a very profitable business. You can decide to start with a small or large capital. There are small tools you can get to start the business and earn profits. When you have made enough, it can be expanded.

10. Cake and Pastries

Baking of cakes are very profitable business. You can bake cakes for weddings, birthday parties or any small events.



President Muhammadu Buhari warmly welcomes inauguration of Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris as President and Vice President of the United States of America on Wednesday, expressing hope that their presidency will mark a strong point of cooperation and support for Nigeria as well as the African continent.

President Buhari congratulates the leaders, and entire country on the successful transition, which marks an important historical inflection point for democracy as a system of government and for the global community as a whole.

“We look forward to the Biden presidency with great hope and optimism for strengthening of existing cordial relationships, working together to tackle global terrorism, climate change, poverty and improvement of economic ties and expansion of trade.

“We hope that this will be an era of great positivity between our two nations, as we jointly address issues of mutual interest,” the President added.

President Buhari and all Nigerians rejoice with President Joe Biden, sharing the proud feeling that the first woman elected Vice President of the United States has an African and Asian ancestry.


On his first day in office, President Joe Biden is beginning the immense task of dismantling former President Donald Trump’s nativist legacy on immigration, issuing an executive order to end Trump’s controversial travel ban on noncitizens from 13 countries.

The policy, colloquially known as the “Muslim ban,” first went into effect in January 2017 and became one of Trump’s signature immigration policies. The ban has slowed or altogether halted legal immigration from certain countries that the former administration deemed to be security threats, keeping families apart and even stymieing refugee resettlement.

The travel ban was Trump’s first major action on immigration policy, setting the tone for the chaotic four years that followed for immigrants while galvanizing public opposition.

When the ban was announced, it resulted in mass protests in airports across the US where people from the affected countries, which were initially limited to those with majority-Muslim populations, were held for questioning for hours.

This led immigrant advocates to call it a discriminatory “Muslim ban,” citing Trump’s campaign promise to establish a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” Democrats in Congress, who for years had expressed conflicting positions on immigration policy, coalesced in opposition to the policy, using it to present a united front in condemnation of the xenophobia it represented.

The ban was amended several times in the face of numerous court challenges arguing that Trump did not have the legal authority to issue it and that it unlawfully discriminated against Muslims. The third version of the ban, ultimately upheld by the Supreme Court, barred citizens of seven countries — Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Venezuela, and North Korea — from obtaining any kind of visas, largely preventing them from entering the US. (Chad was taken off the list of countries subject to the ban in April 2019 after it met the Trump administration’s demands to share information with US authorities that could aid in efforts to vet foreigners.)

Trump expanded the ban last February to include additional restrictions on citizens of six more countries: Myanmar, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Sudan, and Tanzania. While they could still visit the US, citizens of these countries were, for the most part, barred from settling in the US permanently.

Ending the ban was one of Biden’s topline campaign promises on immigration policy — and he is about to deliver. But this executive order only marks the beginning of a project to erase Trump’s influence on the immigration system, which was primarily concerned with keeping people out through a vast network of executive orders, policy memos, and regulatory changes


StreetFoodzNaija2: The Battle for the Naija Street Food Throne is back with N2.5 Million up for grabs!

The Street Foodz Naija competition is back for its 2nd Season! The competition that celebrates sumptuous street delicacy owners, organised by Foodbay TV and sponsored by Devon Kings. This announcement was made at a press briefing on Friday, 15th January 2021 in Lagos.

The theme ‘Beating the Odds” which seeks to address ‘the effect of COVID19 on street food business and focus on proffering solutions that can improve, enhance and elevate the standards of On-The-Go businesses in Nigeria’ was also announced.

Last season had Street Food Chefs and vendors across the country battle for the Street food King Title and N1 million naira. This season, the battle is bigger as the winner will be walking away with N2.5 million and the bragging rights of the Street Food King. Second runner-up and Third runner-up will walk away 1 Million naira and 500,000 naira respectively.

To enter for the competition, participants are required to:

• Upload a 1-minute video on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, talking about your Street business and why you think you’ve got the skills, creativity and resilience to win the crown.
• In your video, feature at least 2 Devon King’s products and tag @foodbaytv and @devonkingsng using the hashtag #streetfoodznaijakings2 #beatingtheodds
• Only one entry is allowed per street food-preneur.

Hurry as entry closes midnight, 29th Jan 2021! You must be following @foodbaytv and @devonkingsng. You could be the next KING of street food!!

Devon King’s, a PZ Wilmar brand, has maintained its consumers’ trust over the years, with a range of quality cooking products which include cooking oil and margarine.

For more information, visit foodbay.tv, follow @devonkingsng and @foodbaytv on social media, and follow the hashtags #StreetFoodzNaijaKings2 #SFNK2 #BTO


The 37km North-South rail project tagged the Lagos Rail Mass Transit (LRMT) Red Line is expected to cut through Ebute-Meta to Agbado in Ogun State, moving more than one million passengers on a daily trip. It was reported that with the imminent demolition of buildings is just few months away, some affected property owners have started putting up their houses for sale, among other panicky decisions.

The first phase of the Lagos Rail Mass Transit (LRMT) popularly called the Red Line is expected to run through Oyingbo to Agbado in Ogun State, cutting through residential and office buildings in Mushin, Yaba, Ikeja and other densely-populated locations in Lagos State.

In a bid to reduce the impact of the demolition (which is just a month away) of structures along the right of way of the Red Line, the Lagos State Government through the Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA), engaged two consulting firms, Nolasimbo Consulting Engineers and Partners Limited, and Global Impact Environmental Consulting Limited to identify Project Affected Persons (PAP).


The Kaduna State Government has said that all public and private schools in the state remain closed till further notice.

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education, Mrs. Phoebe Yayi disclosed this in a statement on Monday.

She said that only Kaduna Polytechnic and the National Open University were exempted because they requested for them to open for students to write exams only.

The Permanent Secretary while stating that no definite date has been set aside for the reopening of schools in Kaduna state, explains that the decision became necessary because the situation is different in Kaduna State, as the state has had increases in the number of COVID-19 cases.

“In Kaduna State, we have our own peculiar situation, before now, we had the news through the Social Media that, Kaduna State government had declared 18 January 2021 to be the resumption date which we disclaimed.

“We want to make it categorically clear that, Kaduna State government is yet to fix a date for resumption to schools.

“In as much as the Federal Government has declared January 18 as the date for resumption, Kaduna State is yet to declare a date for resumption”.

She noted that the government was still monitoring the situation and promised to make a pronouncement regarding that in due course.

The Permanent Secretary further stated that the Ministry of Education will on Monday, January 18, hold stakeholders meeting on education in the state, while the state Ministry of Health will brief them on the COVID-19 cases with a view to taking a position on how to advise the government.

According to the Permanent Secretary, the only exception they have, for now, is the National Open University of Nigeria and Kaduna Polytechnic who have specifically requested for them to open for students to write semester examination.

She added that they have inspected the school premises, confirmed their preparedness, and satisfied with all the protocols put in place and giving them the approval to open for exams only.

Mrs. Yayi also requested the state or federal Institutions that are in Kaduna State to please hold on to their activities until the government comes up with a clear date for resumption.

“For Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, we are yet to receive any communication from them, so as far as we knew, ABU Zaria is till closed until we receive a directive from Kaduna State government”


Today is the deadline for linking your sims with your NIN, If by tomorrow your sims are blocked, what will you do?

Judging from the very fact that we all need our phones and lines for business, calls and a whole lot of things. One cannot imagine the pain that it will bring if one’s line is blocked.

Have you registered and have you linked your line?


The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, (NDLEA) on Monday announced that it has made its largest cocaine seizure till date after it intercepted 21.9kg of cocaine at the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport (NAIA), Abuja.

This was contained in a statement signed by the NDLEA Airport Commander, Mr. Kabir Tsakuwa, and the agency’s Spokesman, Deputy Commander of Narcotics (DCN) Jonah Achema.

Both officers said the substance was concealed in two unclaimed suite cases discovered after the arrival of Ethiopian Airline, ET 910 in Abuja from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

According to the statement, vigilant officers of the Command became suspicious upon noticing that the two briefcases were abandoned on the conveyor belt without any passenger claiming them during the inward clearance of the flight.

Tsakuwa, the airport commander then directed the officers to keep an eye on the suitcases and informed the Airline and its handlers of NDLEA’s interest in the luggage.

Days after the luggage were not claimed, Tsakuwa said they formally contacted the station Manager of Ethiopian Airline and the Nigerian Aviation Handling Company (NAHCO Aviance) indicating the suspicion of the agency on the suitcases.

“I placed a standing order that NDLEA should be invited before the luggage would be released to the owner or in the event that the luggage would be returned to the point of embarkation.

“After many weeks of no claim by the owners, we informed the Airline on the need for a search to be conducted on the unclaimed suitcases.

“The Airline officials, including the baggage handler along with the Department of State Services, Aviation Security and Nigeria Customs Service were invited to NDLEA Office where the search was conducted.

In the first suitcase, three blankets were found out of which two contained parcel of transparent nylon which housed whitish substances suspected to be hard drugs.

Field test on the substance proved positive for cocaine and weighed 10.750kg.

“The second unclaimed suitcase contained twenty-two packet shirts, one parcel of drug was concealed in each of the shirts and covered with a blue carbon paper containing a transparent nylon.

“The substance was also field-tested and proved positive for cocaine and weighed 11.150KG. The second suitcase had a baggage tag with a name Nze Lusaka U. The drug seized made a total of 21.9kg,” he said.

The command said investigation was still ongoing and the Command was liaising with Ethiopian Airline to get more information to unravel the identity of the couriers.


The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), on Thursday, 
warned members of its staff cashing in amid the ongoing NIN registration nationwide to desist as they risk seven years in jail when caught.

The Honourable Minister, Dr. Isa Pantami has today directed the suspension of NIMC staff involved in extortion of applicants at its Bauchi and Kaduna State Offices.

The Honourable Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, @DrIsaPantami directs the immediate suspension of staff extorting applicants at NIMC enrolment centers.