1. Production of sheets and sheets

Sheets are needed in every homes. You can get a factory where they sell unpacakaged materials and invest into it. Starting with as little as 20k will yield alot of products..

2. E- Payment and POS

Nowadays, most youths are going into this business. Getting a good location where banks are not readily available to people will be of advantage. You can get a POS from any bank and start this business.

3. Popcorn Machine

Popcorn are regular snacks for everybody. The ingredients needed to make this are not expensive. It can be made locally without using the machine.

4. Sales of Men’s Clothing

Men’s clothes are very hard to find around. You can get a very good shop in an area where this is not readily available. There are lots of places to get this clothes at a cheaper rate in wholesales. You can then sell to to your customers to get profits.

5. Sale of Fairly Used Products

These products includes clothes, shoes, bags and even spare parts. You can invest with 20k and buy these products from places like Cotonou and Badagry and sell at an affordable price.

6. T-shirt production

T-shirt are very common among guys. These days girls now wear T-shirts too. They are very cheap in places like Lagos, Badagry and Kano.

7. Coking and Home Services

You can become a chef in your own homes. You just have to advertise the type of food to the public using different means like social media. Due to work and others, most people do not have time to cook but request for home deliveries. This is an easy way to earn money.

8. Tutoring Classes

Teaching is a very lucrative business. You can decide to gather some set of kids after school and educate them more on what they were taught in school. Many families will want their kids to have good grades in school and will try their possible best to achieve that.

9. Home Service Hair Dressing

This is also a very profitable business. You can decide to start with a small or large capital. There are small tools you can get to start the business and earn profits. When you have made enough, it can be expanded.

10. Cake and Pastries

Baking of cakes are very profitable business. You can bake cakes for weddings, birthday parties or any small events.

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