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Our featured services are as follows-

Personalised personality analysis

Social space to make friends and socialise (forums)

Detailed insight/advice from our relationship expert concerning your relationships

Paid physical therapy sessions/Shrinks (paid)

Reach out with our news selection to keep you updated 24/7

General empowerment and development for trufemers especially women

Scholarships awards and frequent handouts/giveaways to our dedicated members

Scientific Match Makings

Analysis of the couple's personalities by using our scientific tailored tests help us to determine the status of an existing relationship and its destination in the near future. We can also recommend a partner for you based on the outcome of your personality tests. Here, We work very hard to make sure you get what you really desire when it comes to relationship with the best scientific approach possible. You will be analysed with few data collected from you and we will match it with the most possible data already on our database. The chemistry will just be too shocking to you how you will click and connect with your match.

One-On-One With The Experts

Our online experts takes only 24 hours to reply to reply to your queries and thereby giving you a sound advice concerning your life and relationship. We over you a very discreet and judgement free assistance. The interesting part is that this service remains free for the moment.

Couples Therapy

Here is your most favoured feature. You will get a virtual/physical meetings with the experts here. They will work with you religiously till your union goals are well defined and have you both working hand in hand towards the achievement. Note that we are professionals here and so therefore, your confidentiality is paramount to us.

Online Social Presence

We are live on different social network and we utilises the best suitable social medium to deliver our highly unmatched services. We have a news blog that covers current celebrity news, general news e.t.c
We also have a On-site forum for discussions of the topic that matters. We have whatsapp group and facebook page where games are been organised and played for price money or likes. Freebies and give away are tendered on the groups from time to time so you might want subscribe with us, so you can be the first to know when the goodies are been distributed..

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Why believe in

We use the best scientific methods such as proven theories and case studies to analyse our client which in return help us to provide them with the best match as possible for a successful relationship that will most likely lead to marriage.

What You Get With Us

At Trufem, we ensure that give you the best attention and services that you deserve. We deliver our judgement-free, Confidential mentor services with the very best practices.